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Piastrone is a max4live designed and built by Aval.

It's a plate reverb dedicated to the italian composer Gino Marinuzzi Jr., who in 1963 defined with this term the reverb technique. It's based on the famous Dattorro (1997) digital plate reverb design, which returns a dry and, at the same time, deep and spacious sound, with the possibility, through modulations, to obtain more metallic and spicy sound. The algorithm has been simplified in its controls, allowing you to act on the different parametrics through the central panel, which provides the filtering and diffusion options, as well as a simple animation that responds to the rms value of the reverberated signal.

  • XY control panel: controls internal diffusing and filtering, centered it creates warm and diffused signal, while to the sides it generates a sharp and bright sound. At the bottom there are X and Y position values, mappable in order to make them move with external LFOs or sequencers.
  • Material: controls the decay of the reverberation.
  • Size: changes the 'plate size' by expanding the delay lines.
  • DryWet: amount of dry or wet signal.
  • PreDelay: amount of delay before early reflection.
  • Input Diffuse: enable/disable input diffusing, allowing to get softer transients when enabled.
  • Highpass Filter: the white curve, a HPF that filters the input signal before the reverberation.
  • Lowpass Filter: the green curve, a LPF that filters the input signal before the reverberation.
  • Down left arrow: opens a pup up menu where you can set the LFO mask of the diffusers, from here you can change:
    • Rate: speeds up or stop the LFOs freq.
    • Depth: change the amount of modulation.
    • Shape: dragging it you can change the lfo shape, from a reverse saw to a ramp, a triangle wave by default.
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