Grainy Day

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Grainy Day is a max4live designed and built by Aval.

It's a grain delay where the grain size is random and the delay time is user settable as random, free sync or bpm sync. The grain envelope can be set by the user, allowing to generate impulsive or smooth grains. It also features a module consisting in four pitchshifters that allows the user to create evolving and very characteristic textures, thanks to the possibility of layering different ranges. At last it is also possible to generate big clouds through the reverberation module made of two macros, decay and dry wet: using them the user will be able to diffuse the sound up to complete freeze. The display color and the dots sizes correspond respectively to the send amount and the signal RMS, while its movement (random) depends on the tempo.


Now the envelope syncs to the timeline, allowing you to create specific rhythmic patterns. Also stability and compatibility has been improved, as well as new fresh design!

  • Tempo/Free : changes the sync mode of the individual grains, synced to Ableton's bpm or free. The small dial below the switch sets the speed.
  • D/W : amount of dry or wet signal
  • Much : Increases the delay time and its randomness
  • Sync/Sfased : if Sync, the envelopes of the grains are aligned in phase with each other, resulting in more rhythmic and patterned results. If Sfased, the grain envelopes are not phase aligned, this allows to create a continuous audio signal flux.
  • Send : send signal to the 4 pitchshifters, on the right is possible to change the pitch of each pitchshifter
  • The top right arrow, next to the sync/sfased switch, pops up a window where you can change the envelope shape of the single grains.
  • The bottom arrow, below the send potentiometer, pops up a window where you can change the integrated reverb dry/wet and its duration.
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  • Size14.7 MB


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Grainy Day

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